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Potsdam and Berlin

Accommodations in Potsdam

Potsdam is a very attractive place to live, and the demand for flats and furnished rooms in the city is high. We therefore recommend that you find accommodations in a timely manner. If you would like us to assist you in finding accommodations, then please contact us as early as possible.
Upon renting a flat or a room, you must leave a deposit with your landlord. This deposit can be as high as two to three months’ rent (without utilities). If you rent a flat through a broker, then in some cases you will also have to pay a commission.

Please also see this glossary on finding accommodations and a list of abbreviations used in advertisements for flats.


International Meeting Center for the Sciences in Potsdam (IBZ)
Jakob-von-Gundling-Str. 6
14469 Potsdam

This guest house offers 14 flats of various sizes (one, two,
and three rooms). It is centrally located and quiet.

Student Residences in Potsdam

Staying at one of the Student Service’s student residences in Potsdam is only possible for students who are enrolled in an institute of higher learning in Potsdam. The application for a room should be sent to the Student Service (Studentenwerk) as early as possible.

In order to rent a room in a student residence, you need to provide the following documents:
  • proof of matriculation (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
  • passport/visa
  • proof of adequate financial resources
  • money for deposit
Student Service Potsdam (Studentenwerk)
Babelsberger Str. 2
14473 Potsdam
Tel. +49.331.3706501

Contact: Gundel Kühnel
Tel. +49.331.3706502

Mr. Eschen
Tel. +49.331.3706503

Tuesday: 9-12 / 13-18h
Thursday: 9-12 / 13-16h

Student apartments in Potsdam-Nord
Jochen-Klepper-Str. 1-7
14469 Potsdam
Tel. 0800.4968647

Hotels, Pensions, Guest Rooms | If you are only planning a short stay, then please refer here for information on booking accommodations:

Brandenburger Straße 3
14467 Potsdam
Tel. +49.331.275580

Please refer here to book online.

images/textlink.gifApartments in Potsdam
images/textlink.gifHostel Quartier
images/textlink.gifHostels and educational centers

Finding a Furnished Flat/Room | If you are staying for a longer period of time, then please refer here for information on, and help with, finding private furnished accommodations.

Guesthouse Eiche
Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 123
14469 Potsdam
Tel. +49.331.504575

Guesthouse Bornim
Hugstr. 34
14469 Potsdam
Kontakt: Frau Tarkhanov
Tel. +49.331.962912

HomeCompany Potsdam
Gutenbergstr. 92
14467 Potsdam
Tel. +49.331.2707903

a1 Immobilien
14471 Potsdam
Contact: Jens Spindler
Tel. +49.331.960201

Finding an Unfurnished Flat | If you would like to rent a flat, please refer to the listings in the local newspapers:

Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten /Tagesspiegel

Please also refer to the following larger landlord groups to find a flat:

Guthke Immobilien
Alpha Immobilien
Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft 1903 Potsdam

Accommodations in Berlin

You can find a wide variety of furnished rooms and flats in all price categories in Berlin. Please take note that if you take accommodations in Berlin, then you need to register with the German authorities at the Citizens’ Service Office (Bürgeramt) of the respective district of Berlin in which you live and at the Foreigners’ Office (Ausländerbehörde) in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin.
Here is only a small selection of possible accommodations in Berlin:

Schlachtensee Students’ Village
Wasgenstr. 75
14129 Berlin
Tel. +49.30.939504-0

In the Students’ Village, students, doctoral students, and guests can rent rooms.

International Center for Academic Exchange
Wiesbadener Str. 18
14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Tel: +49.30.8212006
Fax: +49.30.8228877

Max Kade Haus
Theodor-Heuss-Platz 5
14052 Berlin
Tel: +49.30.939398330

House of Nations
Iranische Strasse 6
13347 Berlin
Tel: +49.30.491022-0

images/textlink.gifWohnheim Reichsstr. GmbH
Reichsstr. 58
14052 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Tel. +49.30.3054253

Finding a Room in English

Here is a list of English-language websites to aid you with finding a room in Berlin:

Exberliner Flat Rentals
Berlin Home Company
Freiraum Berlin
123 Berlinzimmer

Further Links

The following links may also be helpful for finding accommodations in Potsdam or Berlin:

Immobilienscout 24