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Doctoral Students
If you are planning a research stay as a doctoral student at the University of Potsdam or a non-university research institute, please inform us as early as possible regarding your stay. General Information on PhD studies can be found here.
International doctoral students receive assistance and support through:
  • the images/textlink.gifWelcome Center Potsdam: coordination of administrative tasks regarding employment at the University of Potsdam and admission as a doctoral student, help with finding accommodations, registration for insurance, and consultation regarding status as a foreigner and visa issues; and
  • the images/textlink.gifPotsdam Graduate School: consultation and support regarding issues not related to the subject of your studies, information regarding financial support programmes, and workshops to key competences.
  • the Buddy Program (voluntary program offered by the International Relations Office): ease the beginning of your stay, support to get to know the university and life in Potsdam/Berlin - offered by doctoral students of the University of Potsdam
Enrolment at the University of Potsdam
As a doctoral student, you have the opportunity to be enrolled as a student at the University of Potsdam if you plan to stay at the university for at least one semester. As a student, you are able to use the services and offerings of the university, Student Services (Studentenwerk), and the semester ticket for public transportation.
If you wish to be enrolled as a student, we recommend that you stay in Potsdam during the semester (summer semester: 01 April through 30 September; winter semester: 01 October through 31 March).
  • Doctoral Student without Degree (Doctorate at your Home University) | If you are planning to spend only a limited time at the University of Potsdam or a non-university research institute, please contact the International Relations Office directly regarding enrolment. When doing so, please submit the letter of support from your professor. Your contact person is Diana González Olivo: incoming-exchange@uni-potsdam.de
  • Doctoral Student with Degree (Doctorate at the University of Potsdam) | If you would like to receive a doctorate from the University of Potsdam, please submit an application to the dean’s office (Dekanat) of the respective faculty. If the doctoral candidate admissions board (Promotionsausschuss) admits you to the university, it is recommended that you enrol as a doctoral student. Please submit to the respective dean’s office all documents pertaining to admission and enrolment. Please find images/textlink.gifhere the necessary forms and information regarding this procedure.