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  • cancel the lease for your flat or room (three months prior to departure)
  • make an appointment to handover your flat back to the landlord
  • make sure that you receive your deposit from your landlord
  • if your flat must be painted upon moving out, contact a painter in a timely manner
  • because the costs of operation of your flat are settled only once a year, it is possible that you may need to reimburse your landlord at a later point after moving out of your flat (in some cases, your landlord may have to reimburse you)
  • cancel your electricity, telephone, insurance policy, fees for public television (GEZ), association memberships, newspaper, etc.
  • inform the German authorities with a notice of departure at the Citizen’s Service Office
  • deregister your children at their day-care center or school
  • deregister your automobile
  • apply for redirection of your mail at the post office
  • if you would like to take back goods subjected to customs or tariffs, then contact the custom’s office for more information on the current customs regulations
  • complete your tax return due on the 31st of May for the previous calendar year
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