Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Hello-ho-ho, dear CogSys!

Have you been good students  and made it to Santa’s nice list? If you have doubts, you have a perfect opportunity to make sure you don’t get coal instead of candy this year! It’s really easy – just come to the CogSys Students General Assembly (Vollversammlung) on December 15 at 5:45pm (room We will have a vote on some changes in regulations and bylaws (everyone should have received an e-mail with detailed agenda), and it’s very important for all of us to be there! Moreover, everyone will have the possibility to be elected into the CogSys Student Council! YAY! If you want to be elected, please send your nomination to

Ah, almost forgot: our Christmas party will take place directly after the General Assembly. It will be legendary: full of awesome people, Glühwein, food, music, games and dances! Actually, we won’t even bother advertising it, because we’re sure you will come anyway 🙂

See you there,
your Student Council

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

The new winter semester 17/18 has already started and our hardworking freshmen have been visiting classes and exploring the study programme. The official welcome event took place yesterday, the new students got to meet their future professors and to learn about fascinating possibilities that await them.

But wait, this is all about studying, what about some fun? That’s what the Student Council thought as well…

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Summer is over

Well, this is it, yet another summer done… Almost all exams and submissions are over and done with, everyone is excited for the new semester. In the meantime, let’s have a look at what our Student Council members were up to during the holidays 🙂


Doesn’t look that bad, does it?